With our data lake platform Magpie, you can jumpstart your enterprise analytics




With our MAGPIE PLATFORM, you can build a trusted data lake in the cloud as the shared foundation for analytics in your organization.

Our consulting team provides SOLUTIONS AND SERVICES to help you get up and running with Magpie and lay the groundwork for a data-driven enterprise.

Silectis lets you focus on generating insights instead of integrating tools


The Magpie Platform

Modern analytics challenges demand modern solutions

As data volumes increase and the data needed for decision-making becomes more diverse, enterprises are challenged to keep up.

Succeeding with analytics demands an architecture that can integrate data from a range of sources, handle rapidly changing data structures, and support a range of workloads.
A trusted data lake is the foundation for a comprehensive analytics capability.


A data lake based on Magpie can help you stay ahead of the curve


Time to Value

Our automated data exploration, rich data catalog, and advanced analytics capabilities let you start discovering new insights right away.


Magpie provides the repeatable data pipelines, governance, and security you need to operate and evolve your data lake over the long-term.

Reduced Complexity

Magpie simplifies the technology stack by pulling together all of the core tools you need to build and manage your data lake.

Key Capabilities

Magpie brings together the tools data engineers and data scientists need to integrate data, explore it, and develop complex analytics.


Rich Data Catalog

At the heart of the Magpie platform, our rich data catalog captures the core descriptive information about objects and tables in the data lake and combines it seamlessly with pipeline process data, detailed activity logging, and data profiles.


Automated data profiling

Accelerating the routine tasks associated with data engineering is one of Magpie’s central goals. Our automated profiling quickly scans Magpie data inferring key characteristics of the data saving hours when integrating new data sources and allowing you to track changes in the data over time.


Data Processing Pipelines

Magpie lets you build complex data processing pipelines taking data from external sources, aggregating, and transforming it in preparation for analytics. Once you’ve created a pipeline you can schedule it, set notifications based on successes and failures, and diagnose issues using detailed step by step logging.


Collaborative Data Exploration

Magpie’s notebook user interface lets data engineers, analysts, and data scientists create reproducible analyses and collaborate with teammates. Within the Magpie notebook, users can explore data, visualize results, build models, and share with other users.



Magpie is built with a focus on ease of use and scalability informed by decades of experience building large-scale analytical systems. Magpie lets you build your data lake without having to ramp up on a complex set of disparate technologies.


Fully managed, cloud-based environment allows for rapid deployment and scalability on demand


Fine-grained object level access control coupled with detailed activity tracking for enhanced security


Flexible integration with on-premise and cloud data sources including relational databases, NoSQL stores, distributed file systems, and APIs


Focus on SQL, supporting a broad range of user skill levels with additional support for Python and Scala


Powered by Apache Spark – You can leverage the power of the world’s most popular big data framework while benefiting from Magpie’s advanced catalog, data exploration, and management tools.

Solutions and Services

 Silectis delivers a range of services designed to help you get the most out of your data, with a focus on realizing the full benefits of the Magpie platform.


Data Platform Strategy and Implementation

Building an effective data management infrastructure demands more than just the right tooling. Silectis will work with your team to assess the available data, develop a plan for integration, and build out the initial Magpie data lake.

Ongoing Operational Support

Your organization's needs will change over time. Silectis provides ongoing operational support to ensure that your implementation of Magpie evolves with your needs.



Targeted Analytics Projects

In addition to building and supporting a data platform for your organization, Silectis can also help answer specific analytical questions on a project basis, supplementing your internal team or operating independently.

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