Thinking about Analytics Holistically

Here at Silectis, we spend a good deal of time thinking about how the landscape for analytics is changing. As a technology-focused company, the lion’s share of our energy goes to making the technology work effectively and giving data engineering and data science practitioners tools that make their lives easier.

However, we realize that our technology lives in a broader context. It has to dovetail with the processes and organizations that surround it. Ultimately, it needs to serve the consumers of the data, those generating the insight, and those applying it to drive decision-making. Getting value out of data requires a lot of work outside of just the technology.

To that end, we have put together a series of white papers that capture some of the observations that we have made over the course of our client work and expresses our point of view about the broader structure of a successful analytics program in today’s rapidly evolving environment.

The first in the series, EFFECTIVE INSIGHT DELIVERY is now available. We are starting with a focus on how analytics get delivered to stakeholders.

Changing user expectations, more complex analytics, and rapidly changing data require a fresh look at how data insights are packaged and made available. Moving beyond conventional reporting and BI, we examine the new modes of analytics delivery and their implications for upstream processes and technology.

Hopefully, you will find this insight helpful. We welcome your questions and comments.

You can find it here.

Demetrios Kotsikopoulos is the CEO of Silectis. 
You can find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.