Silectis Is Hiring!

Silectis provides a managed cloud platform and consulting services to bridge the gap between data and business insight. Our platform, Magpie, allows companies of all sizes to simply and effectively implement high-volume, complex data processing. We want dedicated, sharp, inquisitive teammates who want to build a great engineering organization and a great company.


Data Engineer

As a Data Engineer at Silectis, you will work with our consulting team to help craft practical solutions to real-world data problems using our analytics platform, Magpie. We have a range of clients from multiple disciplines across various industries.

Platform Engineer

As a full-stack platform engineer at Silectis, you will work on our core data integration and analytics platform, Magpie. You will have the opportunity to contribute to all aspects of the platform, from the back-end engine and API to the front-end user interface.


Sales Representative

As the primary Sales Representative at Silectis, you will work with our CEO to generate demand and pursue customer opportunities, while helping build the sales capability at Silectis from the ground up.